Unsubscribe from Disabled from mobile phones and tablets

Unsubscribe from Disabled from mobile phones and tablets

Then go to your email box, click the button to create a new message and enter the email address that I indicated above in the field dedicated to the recipient of the email

At this point, place the check mark next to one or more options between I met a person, I am not satisfied, I have difficulties using the service. es I am not willing to pay for the Premium service to indicate the reason for your choice to cancel the account, then give Loovedate a rating by placing the check mark next to one of the available items between Excellent, Good, Enough es poor https://datingranking.net/lgbt/.

In the section Sending notifications by email seemed to you, indicate your experience with the use of notifications for visually impaired, indicating whether the sending of the latter is too frequent, average o infrequent and place the check mark next to one of the options between Sip es No to indicate if you are using other dating sites.

Finally, indicate how you discovered Loovedate by choosing one of the options from Through word of mouth, Through search engines, Blog es advertising in Internet and click on the button Confirmation, then enter your account details in the fields Username es Current password and press the button Deactivate profile. To confirm your intention and permanently delete the account, click on the item Confirmation twice in a row and that’s it.

If you wonder if it’s possible unsubscribe from Disabled from mobile phones and tablets, the answer is not only affirmative but you should know that the procedure is almost identical to the one I indicated in the paragraphs dedicated to deleting from PC.

In fact, although Loovedate is available as an app (only for devices Android), using the latter it is not possible to complete the cancellation of your account and you must use the navigator installed on your device (ex. Chrome on Android and Safari en iOS).

To continue, then, connected to the main page of Loovedate from your mobile phone or tablet, tap the button Log In, enter your account details in the fields Email / Login es Password and click on the article Log In. Now touch yours photo at the top right (or the icon of the little man if you haven’t personalized your account yet), choose the option configurations and on the new open page click on the item Profile Status.

Then click on the option Deactivate profile, respond to the questions Why do you want to deactivate the profile?, What is the rating of your site?, Sending email notifications seemed to you, Have you used other dating sites? es How did you discover the site? and touch the item Deactivate the profile.

To complete the cancellation of your account, enter your account details in the fields Username es Password, touch the item Deactivate profile and confirm your intention by touching the button Eliminate.

In case of doubts or problems

If you still have doubts about the closure of your account and want more information before proceeding with the cancellation of the latter, or if you have followed the instructions I have given you in the previous paragraphs but you have encountered problems that have caused you If you cannot close your account, you can connect to the Visually Impaired FAQ section to try to find the answers you are looking for.

In the body of the message, specify yours First name es surname, you email and clearly describe the problem encountered. If you are contacting Loovedate customer service to attempt a refund of your Premium membership, please also indicate the date and amount of the transaction, first and last four digits of the credit or debit card used during the subscription phase, the reason for refund request and send your message. If you have any problem, you can refer to my guide on how to send an email.

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