Connection Anywhere between Personality traits/Proportions and you can Concern with Zero Portable Connections (nomophobia): Result of a beneficial Lebanese National Studies

Connection Anywhere between Personality traits/Proportions and you can Concern with Zero Portable Connections (nomophobia): Result of a beneficial Lebanese National Studies

Joseph Age. Dib, PhD a good ; Rabih Hallit, MD b ; Marwan Akel, PharmD, Miles per hour, PhD c ; Clarissa Chalhoub, MD b ; Maria Hachem, MD b ; Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Mph b,d,elizabeth,‡, *; and you may Sahar Obeid, PhD f,‡


Objective: To review nomophobia from inside the an enormous try out-of Lebanese grownups and you can their experience of personality traits or any other sociodemographic facts which can subscribe the latest analysis for example gender, adult standing, and smoking.

Methods: This mix-sectional studies is held anywhere between . A total of 2,260 owners randomly selected of districts from inside the Lebanon finished a questionnaire on the sociodemographic trait and you will smoking. Participants together with accomplished the fresh new Nomophobia Questionnaire, Personality Directory having DSM-5, and you may NEO Four-Grounds Index.

Results: The results out-of a good linear regression, bringing the nomophobia rating given that centered adjustable, indicated that high escort service Richardson neuroticism (B = 0.648), quantity of waterpipes used a week (B = 0.749), and you can disinhibition (B = 0.706) was indeed notably associated with highest nomophobia, while far more agreeableness (B = ?0.535) and you will withdrawal (B = ?0.594) was in fact rather of this down nomophobia.

Association Between Characteristics/Dimensions and Concern about Zero Smartphone Contacts (nomophobia): Consequence of an effective Lebanese National Research

Conclusions: This study analyzed the latest version of built-in personality traits having fun with 2 confirmed character questionnaires as well as their organization with nomophobia. Because electronic have fun with grows more common within this individual and you may professional issue out of life, nomophobia you’ll end up being an anxiety exposure. Coming degree should work at preventive and medication actions on sorts of good sense techniques.

So you can cite: Dib JE, Hallit R, Akel Meters, mais aussi al. Organization anywhere between characteristics/size and you can fear of zero smartphone connectivity (nomophobia): results of a good Lebanese federal study. Prim Care Lover CNS Disord. 2022;24(5):21m03036. To generally share:

a division off Psychiatry and you can Scientific Mindset, School out of Medicine, College regarding Nottingham, Nottingham, United kingdom b College or university off Treatments and Medical Sciences, Holy Heart School from Kaslik, Jounieh, Lebanon c College off Pharmacy, Lebanese Globally University, Beirut, Lebanon d Research Service, Psychiatric Health of your own Cross, Jal Eddib, Lebanon elizabeth Therapy Company, College or university out-of Humanities, Effat School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia f Social and you will Studies Sciences Department, School out of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese Western College or university, Jbeil, Lebanon ‡Past co-article authors. *Relevant authors: Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Miles per hour, University regarding Treatments and Scientific Sciences, Holy Soul College out of Kaslik, PO Container 446, Jounieh, Lebanon () and you can Sahar Obeid, PhD, Societal and you may Training Sciences Agencies, College or university off Arts and you can Sciences, Lebanese Western University, Jbeil, Lebanon ().

The fresh actually ever-expanding the means to access electronic equipment instance personal computers, tablets, and you may devices are resulting in changes in individuals’ patterns and you will conclusion. 1 Nomophobia, recognized as a fear, serious pain, and you will stress you to is inspired by the new nonavailability of them electronic equipment, dos has been titled an ailment of your own globalization and has only been utilized in today’s world. Thus, their proposal to own introduction regarding the upgraded DSM-5 is still up to own debate, 3 toward DSM-IV cuatro saying that getting a proper diagnosis out-of societal phobia problems to-be made, nomophobia have to be causing a serious disturbance inside a significant area of your own person’s lives (relaxation, societal lifetime, work). Right now, it is difficult to find out what comprises the full analysis alternatively than just characteristics of one’s sickness. 3 Apparent symptoms of nomophobia regarding literature show it as a sickness that have both anxiety and you will addictive habits such as for instance being stressed in the are in place of cellphone otherwise web connection, always examining for announcements (called ringxiety), preferring digital correspondence more than real-big date interaction, and you will taking on debt otherwise great expense out of cellphone have fun with. step three Due to the vast amount out of books towards the nomophobia, it can be contended your ailment remains understudied due to the fresh different generalized products associated with it including characteristics, market points, and you may material explore, 5 and this this study will seek to address.

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