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In Shakespeare’s plays, for example, there are so many allusions that would have been obvious to his audience but not so obvious to modern readers. One reason Shakespeare is studied so much is because he was so masterful not only in using language but also in incorporating historical and contemporary ideas into his stories. Poets do this all the time, which makes their work often challenging for readers. Why shouldn’t visual artists be as intelligent in their work? All those Dutch still lifes are about much more than flowers and plates of food.

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  • Noory kissed Bell’s ass big time however, stopped short of congradulating him on his marriage to his child bride.
  • I sort of move about the world of art feeling like a chucklehead.
  • This is not being grateful to the person or for the hurt or problems they caused, but taking the time to give yourself credit for the growth that can come from adversity.
  • I have to go 3 times/week and they even prescribed me medication.

I don’t like seeing my parents suffering like this and in pain. Im doing my best to help out with shopping etc… For them but my feelings are all over the place and I now I need counselling to help me make sense of it all. If you’ve read any of these comments, you get the gist of how we feel. It’s not that we’re heartless bastards & don’t care about your happiness.

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I have been reeling from my dad’s death that happened almost a year ago visit our website . Prior to that, my mother decided she didn’t want to take care of him… And didn’t want the house I grew up in. My brother had move his family a couple hours away… And my mother wanted to be near him.

At The Moment Of Death

My mom, husband and brother went home, but I stayed, in case he woke up. I didn’t want him to be scared or alone. At 7am, he was still alive, but asleep. My husband and mother came around 8am.

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Hoodia luv–yeah, I am disgusted that they haven’t taken down CI’s link. I hope no children get hurt or a good organization in the process of C2C ardent support of a child molestor. I remember the night Art was on the air for the first time after Ramona died. I hope someone else here will remember this too.

Also, the fact that I kept changing my mind and telling him that I was going to go and did not, it made him feel even worse. The other family members say that they are not blaming me, but asked that I try to see his perspective. I’m 52 and I lost my husband if 30 years Dec 24,2017. It’s still very hard and I know what you’re going through . I’m very crippled with grief and struggle just paying bills and have no desire to live. I want to die too but we have a 14 year old daughter that I have to be here for.

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From all of us here in Alaska we morn your loss and envy the love you and Ramona shared. I am so sorry Art I have no words, god speed my friend. Have been a listener for many years. Wishing you the strength to carry on. Saddened this morning after reading this news.