Posted by Andrea K Allison | 22-

Posted by Andrea K Allison | 22-

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I knew Skip for many years in chatrooms on AOL and Wireclub. Though we never met in person, we enjoyed a long term friendship on line. Skip and I used to talk for hours and he always made me lily and shared many memories of growing up.

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Skip was one of a kind and kept us laughing in Wirechat. His “hair toss” and “sip” will be long remembered. He was a good friend and a lot of fun. He will be missed by us all and there will never be another like him.

Posted by Rob Kay | 12-

I had the pleasure of working with Skip at Flexxaire. Skip was a beauty, treated me very well and didn’t give me a rough time when I was new to the company and he was a cagey veteran. oh wait, yes he did! All good natured and full of laughs, Skip was a great man, I’m saddened to hear of his passing, but will toast to the good memories over a cold drink tonight. Cheers to you Skip.RK

Posted by Paul Molitor | 12-

Skip and I became friends on AOL, He had a mild manor towards everyone. He wrestled in high school and wished he’d taken it further. The older we got the more we had time to talk on all subjects. He was very versed on everything. Shared all things that were going for us, The love of God ,family, plumbing, building, working on cars and television shows. We both shared our love for our children. Rayanne you were deeply loved by Skip. Your visits were all he needed to make his life easier. If you ever need to talk just let me know. I will miss my friend deeply/ May God Bless you! Paul

Posted by Corinne Cotterhill | 12-

Skip was one of a kind. he had trouble showing it, but he had a big heart and would help you out in an instant if you needed it.

Posted by William Leddy | 12-

I worked with Skip at Flexxaire. Sorry to hear of his passing and my condolences to his dily. May he be at rest and peace.

Posted by Chris Gallie/Vissia | 11-

I podpora reveal remember Skip from our younger years, he was a good friend of my brother Mark, Skip was always so nice to everyone. I do remember his love of cars ???? My deepest condolences to his Daughter ??

Posted by Crystal Smith | 11-

I first met Skip on AOL where we spent many hours laughig over the years. Although Skip said he did not like talking on the phone we carried on our friendship over the phone talking to both him and an old friend of his that lived on Vancouver Island that was visiting. In 2013 my daughter and I did a detour on the way to Winnipeg after my Dad passed on to meet Skip in person, He welcomed us with open arms and didn’t treat my daughter any differently than any other teen just because of her disabilites. This gave Skip a place in her heart forever. We both loved Skip and always thought of him as a very treasured friend and were hoping to stop and see him when the pandemic is fully over. Rayane, your Dad talked about you and his voice changed, you could hear the love, pride and wonderment in his voice that he had a role in such a lovely, intelligent young lady being in this world. SEnding love, hugs and sympathy to all that loved Skip, especially RayAnne.

Posted by Francine Benzel | 11-

I met him through AOL over 40 Canada, we had many laughs and digs and clean fun. He was a good hearted man and I know he loved his daughter with all his heart ?? rest I peace Pookie, my nick name for him

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