You to big difference involving the Powerpuff Ladies and the Rowdyruff People try its flaws

You to big difference involving the Powerpuff Ladies and the Rowdyruff People try its flaws

Unique Overall performance and you can Feel

Except that acquiring the same earliest vitality that the lady provides, the newest Rowdyruff Males, has actually unique efficiency of its own; particularly:

  • Growing: As soon as the people rating kissed by females, it grow larger, healthier, more difficult, more threatening and more powerful. This was just used after during the “New Males is actually Back to City” and it’ll most likely not used again while the all the fresh new Powerpuff Female want to do is not kiss him or her once more. not, whenever we amount “The town regarding Clipsville” while the canon given that Girls fell in love with brand new Men, it’s most likely one Your eliminated you to definitely power from their store to help you avoid the exact same mistake getting repeated.
  • Afterburner: This new guys normally make thick, harmful gasoline due to its farts and this increases its price. It can also briefly blind and you will suffocate girls, since the noticed in the mind-entitled first event. So you’re able to utilize this function, they have to have consumed Burritos otherwise a similar substance of exact same magnitude.
  • Sonic Heartbeat Trend: Since the observed in “The brand new Men Is Into City”, the newest males can cause a good hypersonic wave that may bump the fresh women out.
  • Rowdyruff Megablast: Just like the found in their get back episode, the fresh guys can make a power great time by simply making a whirlpool from absolute energy. the girls is going to do it as well but as boy’s times is brilliant eco-friendly, this new girls’ energy is bright blue.


Though the Powerpuff Girls was indeed outdone prior to, they don’t have people glaring flaws except if they are split or disagreed for the a particular matter. The brand new Rowdyruff Boys, on the other hand, keeps numerous high faults which they every express. Considering the boys’ being that have a top tolerance for wreck versus females, he is nearly impossible in order to defeat into the head-into the handle, this is certainly proven in their earliest come across in which they were the fresh new just ones which could beat brand new Powerpuff people for the a reasonable struggle, such faults need certainly to always feel taken advantage of by Powerpuff Female.

  • Girl Kisses/Cooties: Because they has superpowers, the fresh new Rowdyruff Males are nothing guys and fear lady kisses because of cooties (except on Men Is Back into City). This is exactly why as to why he could be outdone from the Rowdyruff Men. Following the Powerpuff Lady regain understanding following its overcome within hand of males, Ms. Bellum informs them that there is things every males hate, escort service in providence hinting in the the fatigue. Heeding Ms. Bellum’s information, girls for every house a hug to the guys, causing them to explode. Since its renewal in the “The newest People Is Back to Urban area,” they have end up being resistant in order to lady kisses as a consequence of HIM’s anti-cootie inoculation.
  • Threatening from Maleness: Even though it does not have any a comparable fatal effect on brand new Guys just like the kisses did, it is seriously several other big fatigue. The help of its tremendous size and you will immune protection system to their earlier weakness in the “This new Guys try Back to Urban area”, they were almost unstoppable. Yet not, immediately following Buttercup pushes Butch in order to chew his language, the guy starts to shrink. Bloom upcoming deduces one its proportions tend to diminish while the maleness is threatened. Thereupon, the girls emasculate the new boys out of take down their jeans in order to dealing with her or him including babies. It’s unknown whether it fatigue still exists.
  • Passion for Depletion: In the episode “Man Toys”, new Powerpuff Girls commit to mode a keen alliance which have Little princess so you can fool around with this lady firearms in order to defeat the new Rowdyruff People. Girls do not in fact lead to one injury to the latest men also regardless if they point its weapons from the him or her, (a container, jet, and you may boat.) The fresh males try awed from the how much destruction the newest firearms lead to and very quickly make use of every one of them. The new men aim the new guns at every most other and end up seeing playing with her or him a great deal you to their own laughter subtle them. (Even so they weren’t most defeated, they just could not disperse while they had a whole lot fun.)

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