Ben ‘s the fundamental protagonist of one’s 2014 Irish going motion picture Tune of Water

Ben ‘s the fundamental protagonist of one’s 2014 Irish going motion picture Tune of Water

Ben (Track of one’s Sea)

They are ten, happening eleven, which have a peek here is the sole man of Connor and you can Bronagh, the master of Cu while the elderly sister off Saoirse.


Early in the movie, Ben is actually cuatro and seeking forward to are a mature cousin when he paints an excellent silkie-theme mural together with his mom Bronagh. Since Conor and Bronagh place Ben to sleep, Bronagh gives Ben good seashell horn which is a keepsake regarding her own mom’s. Sadly, Bronagh all of a sudden goes in Work and you will will leave an excellent bewildered Ben getting in touch with just after this lady.

Pursuing the prologue, it’s designed one to Ben never spotted his mommy once more however, did obtain a more youthful sibling entitled Saoirse. Trusting Saoirse’s beginning to possess caused his mom’s “demise” and since she receives the very desire using their dad, Ben, fearing he’d get rid of their girl, tosses the girl sealskin into sea.

To your Saoirse’s 6th birthday, Ben, off envy spoils the proceedings because of the pushing his sister’s face toward her cake. Shortly after Conor delivers him to their area, he informs their a scary facts on Macha this new Owl Witch which have the implication that he will not love the girl.

Shortly after Saoirse try caught swimming which have seals late into the evening, Ben try soil because their father directs them away to alive due to their grandma in town, even if it form separating together with his sheepdog, Cu. Ben quickly hatches a plan to hightail it to the new Lighthouse and you can makes his avoid whenever his granny isn’t appearing. He has no aim of providing Saoirse having him however and attempts to send the girl away when he catches the woman following the your but gets inside with the reputation you to definitely she pays attention to help you him and you will stays in which he is able to get a hold of their.

In a short time, Ben and Saoirse is abducted of the a trio from Daoine Sidhe (faeries) exactly who show Ben one Saoirse is a great silkie as well as you want this lady so you can play the latest titular track to keep her or him out of Macha new Owl Witch. Because the Saoirse try mute, Ben needs to talk for her and you will confesses the guy knows what’s taking place owing to his mom’s stories and also the whereabouts regarding Saoirse’s selkie finish which she should see this lady sound. Ben and you can Saoirse try timely discovered and you can assaulted of the Macha and her owls however, Ben manages to cut Saoirse and eliminate. Ben and you may Saoirse just be sure to go home, initial from the bus nonetheless end in the chances over adopting the this new faerie lighting or Ben’s makeshift map and start to become destroyed when you look at the the latest countryside up to Cu happens, with tried to follow these to the town. Ben teaches Cu to lead him and you can Saoirse home nevertheless starts to rain and you will Saoirse gets unwell therefore Ben should carry the girl so you can good Holy Well getting protection.

While Ben is thinking about carried on the journey family, Saoirse jumps down the better. Ben is actually ripped ranging from chasing after this lady along with his concern with liquids it is pulled in of the Cu and you may seems to lose your whenever his leash trips. Ben employs a trail of your own Great Seanachai’s tresses to help you Macha’s home. In the act, Ben learns his mommy was also a great selkie together with so you’re able to go back to the ocean whenever Saoirse was given birth to, he or she is embarrassed of the means he could be addressed their aunt.

Ben discovers Macha’s domestic and you will confronts the woman, nearly getting himself turned to stone but he labels on the merely as time passes and flees so you’re able to Macha’s attic where Saoirse and you may Cu was. That have Cu holding regarding Macha, Ben tends to Saoirse that is much more sick and you may turning to brick. Ben apologises so you can Saoirse and gives their the brand new cover horn and you may cravings her to tackle the brand new selkie track on it, destroying Macha’s containers and you can establishing Saoirse. Ben pulls a good regretful Macha to simply help your get Saoirse home and you can she obliges because of the giving Ben, Saoirse and you may Cu house on her kid Mac computer Lir’s pet. After they is actually right back in the Lighthouse, Ben dives to the water to access Saoirse’s selkie coating as the dad put it in there, thriving that have assistance from the brand new seals which Saoirse swam which have before.

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