Integrated 1906, a€?the Ya€? try a sizable, painted concrete money page branded from the hillside over BYU

Integrated 1906, a€?the Ya€? try a sizable, painted concrete money page branded from the hillside over BYU

THE Y /Thu-Wye/n. It actually was at first intended to show a€?BYUa€? and would protect several miles of land, but alternatively was remaining as just a€?Ya€? and thereafter the college is occasionally also known as this type of, as a much smaller kind BYU. When Zoobies make use of this term, it is almost always in mention of one about mountain, just like the usage of a€?the Ya€? to describe the institution is an outsider practice. (LDS non-Utah customers with friends/family linked here at BYU can make use of this phase to describe the college, but the guideline is comparable to regarding the phrase a€?SoCala€?, and is only utilized by those who you should never live here, or as a tongue-in-cheek self-depreciation by those who would.) a€?Let’s get hike the Y!a€?

WILK, the (WSC)n. The Earnest L. Wilkinson pupil Center (the personal hub of BYU university if you should be a Zoobie) has never been described by its whole term, except in extremely conventional configurations similar to this one. Every-where otherwise, you will definitely sometimes discover it described as a€?the Wilka€?, or perhaps the a€?WSCa€? if someone is wanting lower at a map of university.

BELMONT GIRL /Bell-mohnt Gurl/n. The name performed, in reality, are derived from the well-spread reputations of girls which in fact existed there; now it can be utilized by a Zoobie to explain any girl just who seems to be live on big budget that isn’t her very own, pushes an expensive auto that she would not buy for herself, and tries a husband who is going to still supporting the woman present way of living. Expected earmarks of a Belmont Girl is: big shades, apparel when you look at the total current styles, and overly tan body out of season.

CECIL /See-sill/n

BUTTERFACE /Buht-her-face/n. This term pertains to women a€?specimena€? who is attractive through the neck all the way down. The expression is very relaxed, and in most cases only voiced from the immature, male Zoobie. It derives from phrase, a€?Yeah, she has an excellent muscles, but the lady face…a€? Hence, the a€?but the lady facea€? changes to a€?Butterface.a€? It is really not a flattering or wonderful term, and is guaranteed to be looked at as an insult by the majority of audience.

This is basically the first-name of BYU president, Cecil O. Samuelson. It was popularized as a label together with the regarding the term a€?Cecil is my homeboya€? in 2005, which spurred irreverent Zoobies to begin with phoning the eminent informative commander by their quite hilarious first name, rather than President Samuelson, as his place deserves.

CHASTITY LINEn. a€?Chastity Linea€? may be the jargon label used by Zoobies to signify the invisible range in a male or female’s student apartment the spot where the typical areas conclusion in addition to live markets began. Generally in most flats, it will be the range between the cooking area or family area while the hallway causing bed rooms and restrooms. This line is typically dreaded by Zoobies because crossing it would split the respect Code.

CIVILITY INFLUENCE, or DICTATE CIVILITYv. This phase, used directly from the BYU respect signal, might re-formed into a jargon verb term that means a€?to use the restroom.a€? Simply because for the respect signal, really illegal to mix the a€?Chastity Linea€? in a condo for the face-to-face gender, also to make use of the restroom; except in acute cases of disaster or a€?when civility dictates.a€?

This phase relates to women BYU beginner which may or may not actually live in the Belmont involved definitely found in the ritzy room east of campus

a€?Hi Laura, unless you self i’ll a€?dictate civility’ before we go.a€?Or, a€?Don’t a€?civility shape,’ John, when it’s possible to as conveniently run throughout the hallway.a€?

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