The most common way to get around remains by personal vehicle with many residents owning at least one family car

The most common way to get around remains by personal vehicle with many residents owning at least one family car

Germantown houses a great creative scene with its own Performing Arts Centre that provides art classes for students and adults as well as hosting a local youth orchestra. The Public Art Promenade consists of dozens of public works that any person can visit on a peaceful stroll through town.


The scenic Poplar Avenue or route 57 cuts diagonally through Germantown, allowing for easy access to any area in the neighborhood.

While the area seems mostly residential, Germantown shows its urban pride by having its own cab company. Call ahead and schedule pick up and XXXBlackBook app drop off times. Public parking remains plentiful and free on residential streets, while visitors can find metered parking in entertainment destination areas.

The neighborhood rates as walkable as most streets have sidewalks. Bicycling provides a highly encouraged transit method in the area, with bicycle lanes incorporated in all residential areas. While you can bike for means of transportation, Germantown also provides five bike loops that offer scenic nature views and a quiet ride through green space.

Life in Tennessee remains generally affordable, but Germantown carries a higher-than-Memphis cost of living. Most residents own their homes; however rentals can be found for an average of $799 for a one-bedroom residence. Residents pay a higher cost of living for the safe area, great economy and local amenities.

The bus fare to get to center city costs $1.50. A typical price of beer at a local pub sets you back about $6. Driving remains very affordable, with Memphis gas prices being about 20 cents cheaper than the national average.


Germantown provides all of the modern day luxuries at the beautiful Saddle Creek shopping mall. Shop at high-end stores for beautiful clothes at Anthropologie, get haute looks from Kate Spade New York, or pick out a stylish number for the little ones at Monsoon Children.

If trendy boutique shopping sounds like your cup of tea, stop by Spoiled Sweet Boutique for affordable baby clothes and gifts. The store caters to residents by providing a baby registry so moms can get exactly what they need for their new bundle of joy. When in need of unique gifts, stop by Nest to find local artisan crafts and shabby chic textiles.

Germantown residents can buy their groceries from the Krogers market located on Poplar Avenue, which provides typical large grocery store fare, such as dry goods, dairy, meat and produce. When in the need of more up-scale grocery shopping, stop by The Fresh Market for locally sourced meats and exotic menu options.


Residents find no shortage of recreation space, with Germantown providing 24 parks, sports complexes and other green spaces. These areas cover over 700 acres of recreational land, showing the public a commitment to exercise and leisure activities.

Patrons visit these parks to experience nature through play. Over five parks house comprehensive play structures that make for a kid- and dog-friendly environment. The parks contain restrooms, tennis courts, baseball fields, hiking trails and pavilions for free. Everybody’s Tree House play structure provides amazing inclusive experiences for people of all abilities. This welcoming environment makes it the number one place to play in Germantown.

Whether residents have an interest in learning how to use their new technology, looking for a smoothie-making class, interested in gardening, Germantown provides weekly events with various themes catering to every desire and need.

In 1841, Germantown became a part of Memphis but was hit hard by the Civil War and yellow fever. Civic associations, community gardens and churches helped citizens regain spirit in the 1900s. With pride came expansion to an over 40,000-person population, as of 2014. Through civic engagement, the area turned into a premier residential community with a healthy, happy and safe environment.

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